Coordination Chemistry of Lanthanides to

Thiazyl Radicals

Stoichiometric Control: 8- and 10-Coordinate Ln(hfac)3(bpy) and Ln(hfac)3(bpy)2 Complexes of the Early Lanthanides


E.M. Fatila, A.C. Maahs, E.E. Hetherington, B.J. Cooper, R.E. Cooper, N.N. Daanen, M. Jennings, S.E. Skrabalak, K.E. Preuss. Dalton Trans.  2018, 47, 16232-16241.

Ferromagnetic Ordering of -[Sm(III)-radical]n- Coordination Polymers


E.M. Fatila, A.C. Maahs, M.B. Mills, M. Rouzieres, D.V. Soldatov, R. Clerac, K.E. Preuss. Chem. Commun. 2016, 52, 5414-5417.

Ferromagnetic Superexchange in a 1D –[LaIII–Radical]– Coordination Polymer


E.M. Fatila, R. Clerac, M. Rouzieres, D.V. Soldatov, M. Jennings, K.E. Preuss. Chem. Commun. 2013, 49, 6271-6273.

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