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References and Links to Papers

Check out my list of published works below and contact me with any questions or for more information about my previous or current research.

Coordination Chemistry of Lanthanides

June 2010-ongoing

Lanthanides were a challenge for thiazyl radical coordination. Why? The greater hydration energies of trivalent lanthanides versus transition metals meant we had to be a little creative with our metal starting materials.

Supramolecular Complexes with Thiazyl Radicals

2013 -ongoing

Can we go beyond just mononuclear complexes? Thiazyl radicals like to interact with one another....let's use this to our advantage!

Anion Capture by Macrocycles that Self-Assemble

2015 -ongoing

After Dr. Semin Lee (now Prof. Lee @ LSU) designed cyanostar, we learned that these special macrocycles stack! The stacks use multiple CH hydrogen bond donors to cooperatively stabilize some unusual anionic species.

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