CHEM 100

General Chemistry

This course covers fundamental topics in chemistry. Topics include: dimensional analysis, nomenclature and stoichiometry. Students can find resources and information on Moodle.

CHEM 313

Physical Chemistry Lab

Experimental physical chemistry lab where we will do experiments using DSC, vapor pressure, calorimetry, distillations, and look at the temperature dependence of equilibrium constants.

CHEM 281

Inorganic Chemistry

Topics include: point groups and symmetry, electrostatic interactions, ionic solids and packing, crystallography, quantum chemistry (an introduction), valence bond theory, molecular orbitals, and metal complexes.


311 Carson Taylor Hall


CHEM 481

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Topics include: organometallic chemistry, catalysis, electronic structure of atoms and transition metal complexes, lanthanide and actinide coordination chemistry.

CHEM 450C-002

Special Topics: Bioinorganic Chemistry

Topics include: general overview of coordination chemistry,

introduction to metalloenzymes and the concept of the entatic state, biological ligands, electron transfer in biology, photosynthesis, iron uptake, storage and transfer, oxygen transport, photosynthesis, the role of zinc in biology, toxic and therapeutic metals.

Pictured: the Entatic State (an enzyme gets itself into a state of cat-like readiness).

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